Taste the Real




We introduced the first Tofu Milk Tea in Australia.

We hand cook each batch of tofu to give it a soft and silky texture. This also allows us to ensure the quality and freshness of the tofu. Its texture is similar to custard and pudding and it has a delicate soybean fragrance which lingers lightly after the sip.

Our tofu comes as a topping and it's a popular pairing with many of our milk teas.


Fairy Peach


"If fairydust and peachy childhood dreams had a taste, this would be it"

--By @Jennyc.xx 

Aesthetic drink specially created by CHAFFIC. It comes with fresh peach chunks, along with exclusive crystal balls and topped off with a milk cap, giving you the ultimate enjoyment of so many textures. The real peach bits you can taste in every single sip.